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The BH Bulletin: July 2024

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PIH Notices for the Housing Choice Voucher Program

HUD has been busy issuing PIH Notices for the Housing Choice Voucher program. The following notices were all issued in June:


PIH Notice 2024-18 2024: Registration of Interest for HUD-VASH Vouchers

Announces $78 Million in funding for 7,800 new HUD-VASH Vouchers to enable homeless veterans and their families to access affordable housing.

PIH Notice 2014-19: HOTMA HCV and PBV Final Rule

Provides PHAs guidance on administering Housing Choice Voucher and Project-Based Voucher programs on the Final Rule of the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016.


PIH Notice 2024-21: HAP Set-aside Shortfall Funding Requirements

Revises the 2024 HAP Set-aside shortfall funding requirements by establishing more stringent eligibility criteria for issuing vouchers and provides updated information on the funding calculation and funding awards.

Value of Affiliates & Instrumentalities for Commissioners

Component unit reporting can be a challenging aspect of financial reporting, often causing confusion and uncertainty. In this webinar, our expert panel will break down the complexities, including what constitutes a component unit, why it matters, and how to identify and report it.

Key topics to be covered include:

  • Common challenges and how to overcome them

  • Definition and characteristics of component units

  • Identification of component units within your organization

  • Reporting requirements and best practices

  • Case studies and real-world examples

Whether you want to enhance compliance or improve transparency and accuracy in your financial statements, this session is tailored just for you. Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your skills and elevate your financial reporting game. 

To watch, click here.

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August 20-22, 2024

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