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Estate Planning & Trusts

Today's tax laws are complicated, and it is too easy to overlook deductions and credits to which your company is entitled. Berman Hopkins provides the support, objectivity, and expertise businesses need to succeed within the context of an ever-changing business landscape. Our focus is to deliver relevant, timely, and cost-effective taxation services that improve operations and strengthen internal controls.


Our team has provided taxation services for 66 years.

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Estate Tax Planning

We assist in developing estate plans that 
ensure the client’s wishes are respected, 
presenting a range of individualized planning 
options. Our strategies minimize estate taxes, 
protect beneficiaries from potential creditors 
and claims, and allow you to leave a legacy for 
your family. We adopt a collaborative approach 
by partnering with attorneys, insurance 
professionals, and investment advisors to 
ensure a well-rounded and effective estate 
planning process.​

Trustee and Personal Representative Assistance

We offer Trustee/Personal Representative 
support, helping them navigate the maze of 
duties associated with their role. Our services 
include preparing estate and trust accounting 
for the Trustee/Personal Representative, 
obtaining valuations and appraisals of estate 
assets, and ensuring strict adherence to the 
provisions outlined in the estate planning 

Gift Tax Planning

We work with clients to help determine the 
best mechanism for gifting, which may include direct gifting to beneficiaries, establishing Irrevocable Trusts, exploring charitable options, and more. Our approach keeps in mind estate and income tax-efficient strategies and the utilization of the unified tax credit

Preparing Estate Tax
Returns and Trust Income
Tax Returns

We prepare the required IRS tax reporting 
forms, often identifying opportunities for 
maximizing tax savings between the estate 
and trust returns. Additionally, we provide 
beneficiaries with crucial information regarding the stepped-up basis for inherited assets and conduct reviews to explore alternative valuation date options.

Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

We help you navigate the complexities of 
generation-skipping transfer tax and explore strategies to minimize its impact on your wealth transfer to the next generation.

Mergers & Acquistions

A function of growth, downsizing, consolidating or transforming a business may involve mergers and acquisitions. While working with your financial documents to plan for a potential sale or the due diligence to review other entities for potential acquisitions, we have the expertise across the board to review, advise, assist with negotiations and manage the overall transaction process.

When we say experts, we mean experts.

Below is a list of accredited affiliations and associations our audit team work with on a regular basis.

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