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Increase Efficiency.
Improve Client Experience.
Keep Information Secure.

Berman Hopkins is on a mission to make the client experience easier and more secure. We are teaming up with Suralink to provide our clients with a positive, safe, and user-friendly solution to effectively communicate with our advisors, share personal information, streamline the process of receiving and delivering documents, and sign e-file authorization forms. All from the modern convenience of a computer, smartphone, or tablet.


We are genuinely excited about this online professional exchange system,

and we think you will be, too!

A Better Way to Work

Getting Started with Suralink


You will receive an email from stating a Berman Hopkins employee has invited you to join Suralink.


Click the “Create Account” link within the email to create your account, which will also require you to verify your email address via a follow-up email.


You will then be directed to Suralink’s website to create your account. Your name and email should automatically generate. Once there, you will create a password and check the box that states, “I have read and understand my responsibilities and the privacy policy.” You can also set up the frequency of your notifications. Then click “Create Your Account.”

Learn More

Suralink Resources

Client User Guide

Client Experience

Connect with Your Accounting Professional

Suralink is an easy-to-use web-based professional exchange and storage system to streamline our audit and tax compliance process. The system combines a dynamic file portal, request list, and workflow features tailored to your business. It allows all of our requests to be in the same place, visible by everyone involved, and updated in real-time. Suralink adds an additional level of clarity and organization to the information collection process and provides you with the easiest way to upload files.


Each request has a status of outstanding, fulfilled, accepted, or returned. Each request holds files uploaded by both parties, comments, responsibility assignments, and an activity log. Simply drag and drop files from your computer onto the correct request to upload files and fulfill requests.


Suralink Login



A Secure & Simple Solution.

Get in touch today and find out how we can help you meet your objectives. 

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