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Enjoy Spring Break Bliss, but Don't Skip Tax Prep!

Flip flops on the beach

With only five weeks remaining until the tax filing deadline, we want to remind you that time is ticking! 

Don't let the excitement of Spring Break distract you from sending us your tax information to ensure a smooth and timely filing process. Staying organized and promptly submitting your tax documents can help avoid last-minute stress.

Here is your Spring Break Tax Prep Checklist:

  1. Gather all necessary tax documents, including W-2s, 1099s, receipts, and other relevant forms.

  2. Send us your tax information securely through TaxCaddy to ensure we can prepare or extend your taxes accurately.

Remember, delaying the inevitable will not make the process any easier! Let's tackle tax season together, leaving you free to enjoy your well-deserved Spring Break!

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